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Tuesday, November 11, 2003
Appropriate Music

In light of our conversation about appropriate texts for hymns and music at the liturgy I was delighted to see the Liturgy professor answering questions for Zenit came up with
this response to one of the questions.

In general the criteria used for the approval of suitable texts is that the hymn or song be inspired by Scripture or the liturgy although vested in a poetic form, and also that the text should be, in some way, a confession of faith, expressing perennial and orthodox truths rather than current issues.

...Any hymn that contains doctrine contrary to Catholic teachings, or is ambiguous, should not be used.

Liturgical melodies are there to assist prayer and should be distinctive in style and tone from worldly music. Their function is to elevate the spirit -- not set the foot tapping or the imagination rolling...

...[The music] should seek to express the religious value of the text for, in Catholic tradition, the text always has priority over the music and in a sense is its soul.

I think it may be time to develop that list of texts that is inappropriate for Catholic Liturgy.

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Ever New

I’ve always treasured the passage from Lamentations:

The favors of the LORD are not exhausted; his mercies are not spent; They are renewed each morning, so great is his faithfulness. (Lam 3:22-23)

I am reminded of this each time I visit one of the newest Catholic Blogs,
Ever New. MaryH has a gracefully simple approach to sharing the faith with new insights into the writings of the saints and the Fathers and applying them to the life we lead today. Reading from a selection of writings from St. Gregory of Nazianzus to Teresa of Avila she reminds us of the timeless truths of faith and prayer. Welcome to St Blogs parish Mary. I hope to hear your reflections on the writings of St. Gaspar and St. Maria de Mattias.

There are so many new blogs out there. The list of Catholic blogs seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. I had not looked at the list in a long time.

Here is another new blog that seems like a breath of fresh air.

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I've seen these quizzes before, but I had no idea that you could create your own. It seems that MaryH, one of the newer Catholic bloggers out there has created a few. I will have to try them both. These quizzes seem like a breath of fresh air compared with the other examples.

I was intrigued by how my answers generated this result. It reminds me of how one Precious Blood companion from a former parish complained that I had a pretty steady internal compass.

Virtuous: Your answers show that you have
the virtue of faithfulness and steadfastness.

Virtuous or Vicious?
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Apparently this steadfastness makes me grumpy. I will have introduce MaryH to St. Gaspar.

Saint Jerome
Saint Jerome is praying for you!

To find out more about this grumpy saint go to the
Patron Saint Index at

Which Saint Would You Be?
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