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Thursday, September 18, 2003
Glass Chalices?

Are glass chalices ok? I am certainly glad this academic response was a measured one, and not an outright prohibition. At my former parish we used handblown glass chalices for the distribution of the Precious Blood. They replaced some cheap brass ones that were clearly deteriorating. For a poor parish the handblown alternative was pleasing. They were clearly chalices, they were intended for sacred use, and they were not likely to discolor or deteriorate like the brass ones that were more expensive. We have one for use with Retrouvaille so I do not have to carry my chalice all over the country unless I really want to. (On this last trip I did carry one gold chalice with me.) Yes, they could possibly break. One event was when the Eucharistic minister was washing the purified chalices with soap and water, she dropped one. Yes it broke. The pieces were gathered up and buried in the ground, in the parish garden.

For the larger of the four masses we need four and sometimes six cups. What is a poor parish to do if they need to purchase six chalices for the distribution of the Eucharist? Remember that we are Missionaries of the Precious Blood and distribution of the Eucharist under both forms is a gift we cherish.

I am tending to prefer a chalice made from silver or gold, but I have no qualms about using a glass or chrystal chalice intended for sacred use, as long as proper care is provided.

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There isn't anything particularly gasparian about baseball. But there is some benefit to celebrating the little victories. When it come to baseball I have been a partisan all my life. I have been known to root for the Cubs when they are not playing the Giants, also the Cards.(That was Grandma's team). I'll even root for an AL team from time to time. Anyway, it is a delight to see the Giants in the playoffs and I hope they go all the way this year.

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