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A journal dedicated to the life and mission of St. Gaspar del Bufalo, and to a life lived in response to the call and the cry of the Most Precious Blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our on-going mission is to share good news of hope and communion.

Monday, February 17, 2003
Pray for Peace

Fr. Bryce Sibley may think that most of the anti-war protesters are either hippies or communists, he is probably not lumping them all into the same bag, but I wish to go on record again as being against any pre-emptive strike against Iraq. I am neither a communist not a hippie and am aligned with none of the groups Fr. Bryce mentions. I am simply a Roman Catholic with some deep mis-givings about what our government is doing. They may in fact have our best in mind, but it bothers me that our government is not sharing intelligence with the inspectors in Iraq. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that Rumsfeld was talking about a massive strike to begin, inspiring terror and fear in the Iraqi people. It is plausible to me that such an attack would make an Iraqi child think that we were terrorists. Rumsfeld apparently has said he would not rule out nuclear arms in the conflict. I am with the Holy Father on this one. I firmly believe that any resort to war would be a defeat for all of us. I am not for inaction. I think that our Government should share all its intelligence with the inspectors, and that we give the inspectors everything they need to complete their work.

As the Anti-war march began in San Francisco yesterday I was at Eucharist at the Shrine of St. Francis. I could not think of a better place to be.

Do you need a weapon? Pick up and use your rosary!

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