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A journal dedicated to the life and mission of St. Gaspar del Bufalo, and to a life lived in response to the call and the cry of the Most Precious Blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our on-going mission is to share good news of hope and communion.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003
Prayers for healing

On January 31-February 2 there will be
Retrouvaille weekends held in the following cities. Please keep these couples in your prayers

Birmingham, AL
Austin, TX
Kansas City, MO
Toronto, Ontario
Monterey, CA
Johannesburg, South Africa

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Retrouvaille Grace

The following was received from Retrouvaille of Ft. Worth. The correspondent gave permission for the use of his name, but it has been deleted here. Retrouvaille is not a fix-all, but it certainly is a road to healing. The process works if you work the process. I am grateful to hear this one testimony which reflects what I have heard many times over from other couples.I will be serving on a Retrouvaille team in California beginning February 21. The schedule of weekends can be found at
the Retrouvaille website.

We have the permission by the author (husband of the hearing impaired spouse) to forward his letter. We, here in Ft.Worth felt inspired and encouraged by D's testimony. We are sending this message praying that it will be an inspiration to others.

Here is the letter:

To Our Team Couples and Angel Couple,

First of all, B and I just completed the dialogue for today. Just an FYI there.

Secondly, I wanted to thank each and every one of you for a life altering weekend. The realization that we aren't alone in having problems gives us hope. The personal soul baring was so emotional. More powerful than anything I've seen by people I had known for such a short time. I could relate to so many things in everyone’s stories, financial, emotional, sexual, and separation issues. B and I never physically separated, just emotionally, which might be as bad. I too have told B I didn't love her. How wrong I was, and how lucky I am she has weathered my foolish actions. Not to say there will not be more from me, but I swear the words "I do not love you" will not come from my lips. It would be an utter and total lie. Father J, picture of him next to the word "Godsend" in the dictionary. I am not sure of our future. I am sure we know how to try things in a different way...a more positive way. Did Retrouvaille save my marriage? Too soon to tell. I do think it may have saved my life though. In sharing suicidal thoughts, my depression from the past year and all....let's just say there is 12 pages of stuff worth living for.

I know Retrouvaille offers its services with a veil of confidentiality assured. You all have my permission to use any or all of my aspects of the weekend. You may use my name and anything else if it will help a hurting couple.

As I shared about the 90 minute session, I could write another couple of hours, at least, to y'all (Native Texan Here!!). But I will end it here.

Just trying to express my deepest gratitude, thanks,love, and debt to all of you, and of course to God, whom I've finally realized "ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!"

I Love All of You,
D. S.

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