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Tuesday, January 14, 2003
What we do for the least...

I also sent this letter to Senators Richard Durbin and Peter Fitzgerald

The Honorable Bobby Rush
United States House of Representatives
2416 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515 1301

Re: Economic Stimulus

Dear Representative Rush:

As you begin this new session of Congress as my Representative, I write with the hope that you will take a firm stand for justice with regard to the legislation before you this year. I am a Catholic Priest, a member of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood and I believe that policy needs to be informed by a moral framework that comes through the lens of Catholic social teaching.

President Bush has put forward a $674 billion tax cut plan under the guise of an economic stimulus proposal. I strongly oppose the “Growth and Jobs Plan to Strengthen the American Economy” and ask that you oppose it. It is irresponsible and against all principles of fairness and justice. It will send the nation further into deficit with the greatest gains going to the most well off, worsen state budget crises and not stimulate the economy in the short run.

The nation faces important needs such as the impending retirement of the baby boomers and the demands that will have on the Social Security and Medicare systems, the growth in spending for security and fighting terrorism, along with needed initiatives such as a prescription drug benefit, improving education, protecting the environment, ensuring affordable and decent housing for all, access to affordable health care and employment that pays a livable wage. In crafting a stimulus proposal, the federal government has a responsibility to work to ensure the economic stability of this nation, invest in needed programs, and protect those who are most vulnerable. This plan meets none of these criteria and should be opposed.


Rev. Jeffrey Keyes, C.PP.S.

posted by Fr. Jeffrey Keyes, C.PP.S. on 11:10 PM link
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Make Your Voice Heard

I really like the Sisters of the Precious Blood, O'Fallon. Sr. Mary Cecile Gunelson, C.PP.S. sent me this link.

(Some of the language may be a bit too jugemental regarding the Administration. I want to believe they are doing their best. Still, our voice must be heard.)

There is an organization called MoveOn which is working to network among those who are concerned that we are moving prematurely into a war in Iraq.

Please join me in signing their online petition asking President Bush to let the weapons inspections work, rather than rushing to war. If we don't find ways to make our voices heard, we could possibly be at war by the end of the month.

Check out this website to send a message to President Bush and Congress to let the inspections work. will compile our messages and present them to the
administration, including Secretary of State Powell, to U.N.
Secretary General Kofi Annan, and to members of Congress.

Please join me and sign on today.

posted by Fr. Jeffrey Keyes, C.PP.S. on 10:36 PM link
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The War Prayer

Thanks for the link, Maureen, I did not know the Mark Twain War prayer was so readily available.

Mark Twain's War Prayer

posted by Fr. Jeffrey Keyes, C.PP.S. on 4:35 PM link
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Pope Voices Strong Opposition to War

Pope John Paul II today expressed his strongest opposition yet to a potential war in Iraq, describing it as a "defeat for humanity" and urging world leaders to try to resolve disputes with Iraq through diplomatic means.

Here is the ZENIT link.

Here is the Pope's text.

posted by Fr. Jeffrey Keyes, C.PP.S. on 8:33 AM link
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