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Thursday, November 14, 2002
St. Gaspar's Maxims

I do not know if it is know whether St. Gaspar wrote these or if they came from Fr. Abertini, Gaspar’s spiritual director, or from some other source.

But St. Gaspar promoted these maxims and established that they should be affixed in each room of his missionaries and that one of them should be read during the day after the period of meditation. I found these while browsing through some of the depositions taken during his canonization process. Thanks to Fr. Ballor, I now have the depositions of some of the people closest to him. They make fascinating reading. Ok, they are in old fashioned language, and only Fr. Cera would know if they rhymed in Italian like they do in English. Thanks to Fr. Cera for doing the translation and for Fr. Ballor who makes these translations available. I would love to hear people’s conversation on what about them they find helpful, instructive, or inspirational.

Maxims appropriate for the pursuit of the holy virtue of Humility

1. Humility must be thy guide, my soul,
To lead thee safely to thy final goal
2. How true, indeed, without humility
All earth is naught but glittering vanity.
3. If thou wouldst true humility acquire
All virtues, then, will be thy soul’s attire.
4. If thou wouldst lasting peace of heart possess
Then spend thy days in quest of lowliness.
5. If thou dost long for peace and consolation
With cheerfulness accept humiliation
6. If one’s esteem of self is truly low,
The heart nor grief nor bitterness shall show.
7. Eternal glory will the Lord impart
To him who truly humbleth mind and heart.
8. Bear mockery, contempt with humble mind
And thus a rich and priceless treasure find.
9. If pride and arrogance within thee dwell
Thy utter wretchedness consider well.
10. Remember thou art but of lowly station,
And thou wilt calmly bear humiliation.
11.When once humility has gained control
Offense and scorn are soothing to thy soul.
12. When thou art wronged, this thought will be thy aid:
Of worthless dust and ashes thou art made.
13. If thou art slow offenses to condone
How canst thou claim humility thine own?
14. Why dost thou find it hard to conquer pride?
Thy utter nothingness from thee dost hide.
15. When seeking lowliness, call God to mind,
Behold thyself, and lowliness wilt find.
16. All gifts, the rarest even, that are thine
Are favors flowing from the hand divine.
17. Should pride and boastfulness beset thy mind?
Tis God who sends us gifts of every kind.
18. A worm am I, of ashes born and dust,
And yet so proud that in my strength I trust.
19. Behold the dismal grave awaiting thee,
And thou wilt cherish true humility.
20. The path of humbleness if thou wouldst find
Be not attached to views of thy own mind.
21. If lowliness of heart thou wouldst attain
From self-complacency thou must abstain.
22. The truly humble man is rendered prone
To bear with others’ faults and with his own.
23. If thou wouldst nourish true humility
Subject thy will to others cheerfully.
24. Thy fellowman esteem, thyself disdain
If true humility thou wouldst obtain.
25. To ridicule thy neighbor, or disdain,
Is but a sign that thou thyself art vain.
26. Be calm when lapsing in thy work of love,
And humble thee, for God doth rule above.
27. To hate our sins in true humility
Will win God’s love for all eternity.
28. Humility requires that he who errs,
In peace and patience due correction bears.
29. Tis undenied that true humility
God’s own delight and joy will ever be.
30. If lowliness of heart thou wouldst desire,
Distrust thyself, and trust in God acquire.
31. Of what avail will human praises be
If after death the Lord will censure thee?

St. Gaspar had these maxims printed several times since he used to pass them out during missions, and especially gave them to confraternities and monasteries.

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It is important to keep these people in our thoughts and prayers.

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