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Monday, February 16, 2004
A Jewel of a Book

The past week I have enjoyed getting into a new book recently published by
Zaccheus Press. I love the title of this new publishing house. The curiosity of Zaccheus in Luke’s gospel has always been an attractive image.

The new book I am reading is like a breath of fresh air. It is a refresher course from college days when I did my BA in Thomistic Philosophy. This book is thoroughly imbued with the spirit and thought of St. Thomas.

I find myself reading each chapter twice, in some cases just to savor the fresh way the author explains the topic, and in other cases to see what I missed.

The book: A Key to the Doctrine of the Eucharist, by Abbot Vonier. It was first published in 1925.

The stream of sacramental grace is truly the flow of the Blood of Christ: in one way or another every sacrament is the fire of Christ’s love when he was dying on the cross. (pg. 27)

Sacraments are truly an energy that comes from Christ in person, a radiation from the charity of the Cross, a stream of grace from the pierced side of Christ. (pg. 29)

The book has been like an oasis in a hellish week. I am also in the process of reading Way of the Wound by Robert Grant and Leadership in the Church by Cardinal Kasper.

I leave in the morning for St. Louis. I will be back on Wednesday. The computer is staying home. The Human Rights Initiative (HRI) from the Precious Blood Leadership Conference(PBLC) is meeting.

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