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A journal dedicated to the life and mission of St. Gaspar del Bufalo, and to a life lived in response to the call and the cry of the Most Precious Blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our on-going mission is to share good news of hope and communion.

Thursday, December 11, 2003
Second Thursday of Advent
Readings: Isaiah 41: 13-20; Matthew 11: 11-15

Whoa there, Lord. You’ve got my attention now. I was feeling all warm and fuzzy with Your promise in Isaiah of holding my right hand and not being afraid. Where did the worm and maggot thing come from? A little harsh there, aren’t You? If not harsh, then certainly politically incorrect.

Well, it’s a good thing I didn’t stop there to pout over the name-calling. Actually those next verses help me see that between who You are and who I am there is as great a gulf as there is between the worm and the earth in which it lives.

You express the same paradox in the Gospel. John is the greatest of men born of woman, yet he is less than those born of God’s kingdom. How do we hold this Lord, this both/and: our smallness in the grand scheme of things, yet our potential for greatness when we allow ourselves to let go of our fear and be loved by You? One explanation seems to be in the mystery we celebrate throughout this liturgical season of Advent and Christmas: the mystery of the Incarnation, of Divinity pervading humanity, of humanity recognizing its divine potential.

It is You who do all that is good. It is You who save. It is You who make my life possible. It is my very humanity that You chose to embrace, my humanity that can now accomplish the wonders You call me to. The blood that runs through my veins is precious in Your sight. It sings of You in Your goodness. Through my participation in Eucharist, it becomes, as well, Your Blood in my veins, Your Blood that glorifies the Father. You are with me, not only holding my right hand, but suffusing my life with Your presence.

Thanks, Lord, I needed that wake-up call to be aware of where I fit in the big picture and of knowing that, indeed, I need never be afraid.

Reflection by: Sr. Joyce Lehman, C.PP.S. (Dayton C.PP.S.)

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