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Friday, October 31, 2003
Music for Sunday

Calvert House
The Catholic Center at the University of Chicago
Commemoration of the Faithful Departed
November 2, 2003, 11:00am, Bond Chapel

Introit: Litany of Saints, GS 479
Sung in Latin and in English, The Entrance antiphon from the Graduale was deemed to difficult for the congregation for a one-time use, so it will be sung instead at the preparation of the Gifts.
Kyrie, RS 363B, GS 34-I
Gloria, RS 364, de Angelis
Psalm, Psalm 23, Gelineau, RS 45, antiphon I
Gospel Acclamation, Gregorian, RS 294
Preparation of the Gifts, Requiem Aeternam, GS 401
Antiphon in Latin, verses in English
Sanctus, GS 36, RS 370B
Memorial Acclamation, GS 18, RS 371A
Amen, GS 19,RS 372
Agnus Dei, GS38, RS 375B
Communion: Mozarabic Alleluia, Psalm 34, GS pg 454
Verses in English and Latin
Closing, Lord of All Hopefulness, RS 713

GS= Graduale Simplex
RS= Ritual Song (GIA)

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Modern Heresy?

Ok, heresy is not a word we use anymore. It is sometimes taken as disrespect. One correspondent called it resorting to the
silver bullet.

If I refer to a text or part of a text as heresy, I do not wish to imply that the author is a heretic. I must note that Augustine both praised and condemned the work of Pelagius.

For more information about Pelagius check out his name on Google or see the old CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Pelagius and Pelagianism.

Todd, a good friend and classmate from St. Joseph, Rensselaer, seem to think that a list of banned songs may be counter-productive. He suggests that a list of what we might do instead would be better. I tend to agree with him. But, I also think it good to list the unrecommended songs and explain why they are inappropriate. There are a great many un-trained musicians who have little background in theology or liturgy who choose music based solely on what they like or what the people like.

In my opinion, humble or prideful as it may be, I think that the liturgy and its modern versions of liturgical music are infected with a rather subtle sort of pelagianism.

Like the presider that begins with Good Morning instead of the Lord be with you. This is the subtle belief that it is up to the priest to create community, instead of it being the Lord's job. I know presiders who say The Lord IS with you. That is a homily, not a prayer, and again it takes the focus off of the Lord and on to the people.

Then there is the presider who ends liturgy with May Almighty God Bless us, the Father... instead of May Almighty God bless YOU. Such a choice by the presider indicates he may have lost faith in his own unique role and mission in the liturgy seeking to somehow lessen the difference in essence between ministerial priesthood and the priesthood of the laity.

This is, I think, related to the tendency in some lyrics to diminish the difference between Jesus and us, that if we do it right and well we can be just like Jesus. We CAN build a new Church, just like Jesus did before us and maybe we can do it better.

I believe that Jesus is the totally unique Son of God, the second person of the Holy Trinity. It is by his gift, and indeed through his own Precious Blood, that we have been made sharers in his divinity, that we have been given a capacity for God. Yet, he is the Christ. I am not. There is an essential difference.

So is all modern music heretical? No. There is more good music out there than we are aware of. I believe a banned list will be shorter than the list of appropriate music. And I think it instructive in charity to mention those songs that are inappropriate and to explain why.

And again, when I use the word heresy I am referring to a text, not a person.

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Delight in Good Music

From St. Gaspar:

Oh how delighted I was to receive your very dear letter and how obligated I am to you for the little song that you have put into notes! Praise be God in all things.

Letter 915, July 2, 1824 to Mr. Camillo Possenti

At the entrance in Rome, one sings: "Viva, viva Gesu che per mio bene etc.", and also: "Mentre il Prezioso Sangue", as well as "O amabile Maria", and the song of St. Xavier: "Dell'Indie etc."

Letter 1098, April 16, 1825, to Mr. Cosimo Cav. De Tuzi

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More on Inapropriate Music

My post on inappropriate music at liturgy has generated a lot of conversation. None of the previous posts have ever generated this much interest. As a Pastoral Musician as well as a priest, having served the liturgy from both sides of the altar now for nearly 30 years, I suppose I have a particular viewpoint. I have nearly 100 published compositions of my own, and have rejected nearly half of them as inapproriate for worship. That should give you an idea of some of my growth in this subject. I may be tempted to continue this topic.

How about this? "As a Fire is Meant for Burning" or any text composed by Ruth Duck.

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ok. I am sitting at my desk, just minor discomfort. Probably not much in the way of blogging today. The Doctor wants me up and around and not lying around. So I may take a short walk.

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