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Tuesday, June 24, 2003
Modern Liturgical Art

Ok, Maureen wanted me to post pictures of the Jubilee. But I was presiding, and carrying a camera would have been unseemly. But in some non-liturgical moments I absolutely reveled in one of the more beautiful chapels in this country. Little Sr. Hiltrudis Powers CPPS is retired now, she is in her '80s. But 40, 50 years ago she was a powerhouse and from time to time I will post some of the pictures that were part of my prayer when I was in the O'Fallon chapel and now are part of prayer at my computer. There is an absolutely beautiful Precious Blood Altar that is more than 200 years old, and which the sisters brought over piece by piece in their trunks back in the mid 1800's. I will post some of those pictures later. The painting above is on the side of the santcuary directly outside the sacristy. It was painted by Sr. Hiltrudis.

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Where does one find
Catholic News?

There are a group of bloggers I only read occasionally. In the beginning I read them more often, simply because I found them putting me in touch with information that was found nowhere else. But more recently I have gone to Amy Welborn, Mark Shea and Domenico Bettinelli's blogs only rarely; and going there has been often been somewhat of a penance. That portion of St. Blogs parish seemed to be the place where scandal, judgment, bitterness and sarcasm resided almost exclusively. To be fair, they did a great service. This was a situation that need to be reported. It needed to be in the public eye. Particular bishops needed to be taken to task, and the Bishops as a whole made accountable. In many ways this is beginning to happen.

Much good has happened. Much healing has taken place. There have been some outstanding and courageous Ordinaries. None of this has been reported or acknowleged. Most of it cannot be reported

To be be fair, Amy and Mark have been most gracious to me, on their blogs and in in their emails to me.

Mark Shea posted an absolute gem today. This post on Mark's blog shows a wisdom that is near and dear to a belief in the Incarnation. It is an aspect of Precious Blood Spirituality that the weak and the broken are the ones who reveal the Presence.

Domenico Bettinelli, on the other hand, is an apparent affililiate of the Journalism school of that faithful Catholic who repeatedly takes the Pope to task in the WSJ, "take no criticism," and "the best defense is a good offense." Here he was just plain hurtful. Notice here, when he says "the bishops have done much wrong," that he is not speaking of a particular bishop or a particular wrong action, but instead reveals a penchant for a sort of blanket reporting of the bishops in general as a group that is not to be trusted.

And this can only be characterized as a school yard "kick 'em when they're down" mentality.

I would just normally ignore this stuff and move on. But this man is the Managing Editor of Catholic World Report. This magazine is among the more respected journals. But did we know that they intend to report on only what interested THEM? Did we know their their minds are focused mainly on blind anger and bitterness? Did we know that they report on less than 5% of the Catholic world? Domenico has kindly invited me to subscribe to other journals. ( I already had).

Ok, maybe their task is to keep the bishop's honest. Whose task is it to keep the Catholic Journalists honest? or at least invite them out of the gutter on occasion?

For my money CWN is neither "Catholic" nor "Catholic World." I am not judging their faith. They do not represent the church nor do they faithfully report on it. I may consult a canonist in the diocese where they publish and find out how they got to use the name "Catholic."

If you want Catholic World News there are places to go: Here, and here, and here.

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