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A journal dedicated to the life and mission of St. Gaspar del Bufalo, and to a life lived in response to the call and the cry of the Most Precious Blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our on-going mission is to share good news of hope and communion.

Thursday, May 01, 2003
Seven Essentials

My talk is now available online. You need an Acrobat reader to read it.

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Chant as Prayer

We have a couple of new Catholics in the chant choir at Bond Chapel. One of them came into the church three years ago and the other just celebrated her first anniversary as a Catholic. Whereas many in the choir recognize the ancient tunes, these new Catholics are learning the chants for the first time. It is a good thing that I did not take for granted that everyone would know the Veni Creator. It seems that the Graduale Simplex and the Liber Cantualis all assume that everyone knows the tune. They print the tune for the first verse and then just the text for the rest of the verses. So I went looking for the tune in other hymnals. I also did some searching on the web for any audio files so that they could have something to listen to.

I was pretty disappointed with what I found on the University of Chicago site. Apparently they had a group called El Coro de Canto Gregoriano sing recently at Rockefeller Chapel. Well, it is the tune but they sing it sooooooo slooooowww. Take a listen:
El Coro de Canto Gregoriano at The University of Chicago

On the other hand I found a chant site that features recordings from a monastery in Brazil: Take a listen: Benedictine Monastery in Brazil

Gregorian Chant is not a cold academic excercise that is fit for a concert performance. It is fundamentally prayer. The Brazilian Monastery is a bit closer to my experience.

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