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A journal dedicated to the life and mission of St. Gaspar del Bufalo, and to a life lived in response to the call and the cry of the Most Precious Blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our on-going mission is to share good news of hope and communion.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003
From the dialogue On Divine Providence by Saint Catherine of Siena, virgin and doctor

Eternal God, eternal Trinity, you have made the blood of Christ so precious through his sharing in your divine nature. You are a mystery as deep as the sea; the more I search, the more I find, and the more I find the more I search for you. But I can never be satisfied; what I receive will ever leave me desiring more. When you fill my soul I have an even greater hunger, and I grow more famished for your light. I desire above all to see you, the true light, as you really are.

I have tasted and seen the depth of your mystery and the beauty of your creation with the light of my understanding. I have clothed myself with your likeness and have seen what I shall be. Eternal Father, you have given me a share in your power and the wisdom that Christ claims as his own, and your Holy Spirit has given me the desire to love you. You are my Creator, eternal Trinity, and I am your creature. You have made of me a new creation in the blood of your Son, and I know that you are moved with love at the beauty of your creation, for you have enlightened me.

Eternal Trinity, Godhead, mystery deep as the sea, you could give me no greater gift than the gift of yourself. For you are a fire ever burning and never consumed, which itself consumes all the selfish love that fills my being. Yes, you are a fire that takes away the coldness, illuminates the mind with its light and causes me to know your truth. By this light, reflected as it were in a mirror, I recognise that you are the highest good, one we can neither comprehend nor fathom. And I know that you are beauty and wisdom itself. The food of angels, you gave yourself to man in the fire of your love.

You are the garment which covers our nakedness, and in our hunger you are a satisfying food, for you are sweetness and in you there is no taste of bitterness, O triune God!

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May is coming!

There are many reasons why May is a month of Celebration for me:

May 5, 1961 First Confession
May 7, 1961 First Communion
May 8, 1990 Incorporation/Profession as CPPS
May 12, Feast of Mary, Mother of Mercy
May 17, 1991 Ordination as Deacon
May 18, Canonization of Maria de Mattias
May 24, Feast of Mary, Help of Christians

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Retrouvaille Healing

There are some things that make this exhaustion worthwhile. I recieved a couple of emails today from couples who had attended the
Retrouvaille weekend. It can be pretty humbling when the ministry has such a profound effect on people's lives. In my preaching I have had the experience over and over again that proves what St. Thomas taught that what is heard is according to the mode of the hearer. It really does not depend on me, and I can take no credit for the results. It all depends on what the Lord is doing in the heart of the listener. As in the parables, I can cast the grain, but it is up to the soil to be a receptive place and it is up to the Lord to provide the fruit. Still, it is gratifying to recieve such emails. The following is my favorite:

Now, here's the explanation I promised. You have a great gift. That gift is understanding of the wounds of Christ. And you taught it to me and to G. From every bad event, the Lord brings great events...

First of all, your homily on the Risen Christ greeting and breathing on the Apostles and all that followed constituted the greatest homily I have ever heard. Bar none! As you talked, I did not see you. I knew it was you, but I did not see you. As you spoke, I did not hear you. I knew it was you, but I did not hear you. What I saw, what I heard, and what I felt (without a second's hesitation in my mind or heart) was Christ personified standing in front of us and speaking not only to our ears and minds, but to our souls. I saw Christ standing before me and I heard Christ tell me the story of Doubting Thomas. I felt Christ touch my heart. I saw all my weaknesses and I saw forgiveness. It shook me to my very core. Others saw it and felt it too. I know it was you, but to my dying day I will believe it was Christ.

Something tells me that this is precisely what the Word of God is supposed to do. I enjoyed preparing that homily, for the Gospel really spoke to me in the midst of this Retrouvaille experience. If I get some time today I may post a few notes from the Homily. At any rate, the Lord was able to accomplish a great deal through the team couples that worked the Retrouvaille weekend. Please continue to pray for these couples as they experience the Post program.

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