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A journal dedicated to the life and mission of St. Gaspar del Bufalo, and to a life lived in response to the call and the cry of the Most Precious Blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our on-going mission is to share good news of hope and communion.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003
Thursday of the Fourth Week

The Readings
Ex 32: 7 14 The Lord relents in the punishment he threatened on the people
Ps 106 Remember us, O Lord, as you favor your people
Jn 5: 31 45 In whom shall we hope, In whom shall we believe?

St. Gaspar:
"Courage, my dear D. Francesco! Let us become saints and entirely God's. I hope that the fire of the Lord's love will transform us in God, so that each one of us will give evidence to it: I saw a mighty angel of God, flying. (cf Rev 5:2, Rev 14:6)

"May the Blood of Jesus be our consolation in this life, and the motive and cause of our hope for holy paradise."

"The Lord deserves everything. Join to that the following thought: it is a great grace of God that he makes use of us as corner stones of this mysterious edifice. He has placed us on the road to becoming saints. Let us establish ourselves firmly in holy humility and in all the virtues; let us be convinced that the substantial thing in the spiritual life is the composure of spirit in God."

The worship of the golden calf in the first reading and the inability of the people of Jesus' day to accept him for who he is, are both presented for our Lenten meditation today. What kind of challenge does our heart hear when we hear Jesus say, "I have come in my Fathers name, yet you do not accept me"? The word of God is not supposed to confirm us in our prejudices. It is supposed to challenge us, change us and convert us. As St. Gaspar tells us, this love and overwhelming compassion of God is meant to transform us. In Baptism we are no longer our own. We belong to God. We become a member of Christ's body. Everything has been given to us, and Gaspar reminds us that the Lord deserves everything.

Our ancestors in the desert fashioned a God out of Gold with their own hands. We are tempted to worship a God of our own creation, but are challenged to accept God as he is. We construct castles of the spiritual life from our own imagination and based in our own desires. The foundation of the Spiritual life is elsewhere for St. Gaspar.

• What "golden calves" surround me?
• Which Jesus do I believe in?
• What is essential for my life?

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Canonization News

letter from Sister Vittoria Tomarelli, ASC, General Superior of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ was forwarded to me today. I will be attending the canonization ceremony in Rome on May 18.

One of the more significant passages from the letter:

Today, when the rumble of arms shakes our houses and raises questions in our hearts and our intelligence, when violence, oppression and injustice continue to spread, Maria with the power of the Saints, can cry out again "no more blood, Lord, no more blood!" as she did on her deathbed. She can intercede for the restoration of "that beautiful order of things that the great Son of God came to establish pouring out his blood" so that, in reconciliation and pardon, every person may be spared.

Also in the letter was an unofficial translation of the new preface for her feast:

It is truly just to give you thanks; it is beautiful to sing your glory,
Lord, Holy Father, all powerful and eternal God, through Christ your beloved Son..

You, Father, source of life and font of holiness,
in your provident love have chosen Saint Maria De Mattias
and have adorned her with the gifts of the Spirit so that she might be,
in the Church, a prophetic voice of the Word of Light,
a messenger of reconciliation and peace,
fearless apostle of the Precious Blood of Christ,
and witness of the salvific glory of the cross.

In her life, Father, you offered us a sign of your love
for the poor and for sinners, for the marginalized and the excluded.

Her example encourages us to travel the highways of the world
in our journey toward You, as we join with the angels and saints,
singing with one voice the hymn of your praise

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Daily Prayer

Still praying this prayer each day....

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