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A journal dedicated to the life and mission of St. Gaspar del Bufalo, and to a life lived in response to the call and the cry of the Most Precious Blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our on-going mission is to share good news of hope and communion.

Tuesday, April 01, 2003
Wednesday of the Fourth Week

The Readings
Isaiah 49:8-15, In a time of favor, I answer you, I will never forget you.
Psalm 145, The Lord is gracious and merciful
John 5:17-30, Whoever hears my words and believes in the one who sent me, has eternal life.

St Gaspar
"Ipse est propitiatio" - Devotion to the blood of Jesus Christ is the foundation of hope in divine mercy: Because Jesus is our "Advocate: . . .we have an Advocate with the Father, [Jesus Christ the righteous one]". Look, he says, "upon the face of your anointed." For if the prayers of the Patriarchs obtained for the people such singular favors, then we may assume the same for ourselves. [Christ] presents his wounds together with his blood which "speaks more eloquently than that of Abel ".

The Catechumens hear the word of God, and rise to follow Jesus and to profess faith in him. We do the same, inspired by the Word of God, but inspired also by their concrete example of coming to Jesus and professing faith. This is not magic, or something that happens once for all in our baptism. This is a choice we make each and every day. And when our choices are made in conformity to God's word, then we enter onto the path that leads to freedom and union.
This is the criteria of those who want to share the very life of God, that we hear his word, believe, and follow his Way. Jesus describes an intimate communion with his Father, and he invites us into this community, into this intimacy. The Father and the Son are life itself, and we are invited to share this life.
St. Gaspar teaches us that the Precious Blood is the foundation for our hope in this divine life, that God who hears and answers the prayers of all the saints will certainly hear and answer our own prayers for life. He says we may assume the same favors for ourselves.

• What has been the foundation of my hope?
• Am I optimistic about my own chances for life, or do I have Hope in what God can do? How do I demonstrate this hope?
• How are my choices in conformity with God's will?

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The General Instruction on the Roman Missal in English

It is finally in an official English Text

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Rites of Spring

The sun is shining, the bark of the trees is little greener than it was yesterday, the leaves are on the verge of bursting forth, and of course
there are other occasions happening to indicate that spring is breaking out all over the place.

If not for the war, I might to tempted to say that all is right in the universe.

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Tuesday of the Fourth Week

The Readings
Ez 47:1 9, 12 I saw water coming forth from the temple
Ps 46 The Lord of hosts is with us: our stronghold is the God of Jacob.
John 5:1 3, 5 16 Jesus cures the man at the pool of Bethesda

St. Gaspar
Let us have recourse incessantly to the fountains of Jesus which are his wounds. In them the thirsty soul, like the stag, quenches its thirst with the very sweet waters that are the symbols of the Lord's graces. Indeed, in those fountains we will always find every benefit.

May our soul be like the dove near mystical waters and let us quench our thirst in Jesus and with Jesus. ... When I use the word always, I mean to say that, in addition to the time that is provided for us to be engaged in this religious adoration, our hearts should ever remain united to the Sacred Tabernacle, the center of peace and of salvation. Also, in no way at all should the reception of communion be set aside. It brings healing to our small infirmities and gives us strength.

"Therefore, let us walk along the road of perfection, according to the rules that accompany our state of life; and with the crucifix ever before our eyes, let us repeat continuously: "mihi autem absit gloriari nisi in cruce Domini nostri J.X.," for the time will come when, blessed by God, we will be placed on the high throne of glory in the blessed Jerusalem. Amen."

John's Gospel continues to be proclaimed during this later part of Lent as the catechumens prepare for baptism and the rest of us prepare our minds and hearts to renew the promises of our own baptism. More than just a physical washing with water, the effect of Baptism is an interior change, cleansing and healing.

This gospel reveals Jesus compassion and desire for our healing. Yet we have to be open to more than just a physical washing and external healing. Did this man believe? Did he know the extravagant compassion of Jesus? Did this healing turn him toward a new way of life, or was he still caught in external laws, customs and rules? We shall never know the answers to those questions, but we can ask those questions of ourselves.

In these fountains of the Lord's wounds, Gaspar teaches, we shall always find the benefit of the Lord's compassion and desire for our healing. Yet we must come with open and trusting hearts that will lead us along the roads to perfection.

• How do show my belief that Jesus desires my healing?
• What healing do I desire?
• How would I show I am willing to live a new life?

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