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A journal dedicated to the life and mission of St. Gaspar del Bufalo, and to a life lived in response to the call and the cry of the Most Precious Blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our on-going mission is to share good news of hope and communion.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003
Thursday 2nd week of Lent

The Readings
Jer 17:5 10 The Lord searches the heart, Blest are they who trust in the Lord
Psalm 1, Blessed are they who hope in the Lord
Luke 16: 19 31 The Rich Man and Lazarus

St. Gaspar
In the same way does the Lord act when he wishes to demonstrate his mercy, and he will do so also for us, Oh souls redeemed at the price of the living Blood; so do not be doubtful. Are difficulties encountered while in service to God? Then God will open a way through that sea; he will take away those obstacles. Keep going ahead, you will have no impediments. You have behind you all the demons of hell pursuing you, very vehement temptations that threaten you with destruction. But, 'Do not be afraid.’ God will arrest their fury and will lead you to a place of rest. In your defense, your holy advocates watch over you; your guardian angel is there to assist you; Mary most Holy spreads her mantle of protection over you; Jesus crucified extends his arms to you. He waits to welcome you in the sacrament of Penance; he comes to meet you, nourish you and strengthen you in the sacrament of the Eucharist. Already he holds out to you the indestructible crown of glory that will make you eternally happy. What more could you wish for? In your difficulties, so de Sales asserts, repeat frequently to yourself that this is the road that leads to heaven. I see the port and I am certain that the storms will not be able to stop me from reaching it. The greater your misery, so much greater will be the triumph of divine goodness.

Jeremiah is very clear. If we trust in what we can see, it will fail us, disappoint us, and even curse us, because we trusted in something useless. And blessed is the one who trusts God! Blessed is the one who trusts in him who lasts forever, who will never fail or disappoint. But Jeremiah continues, the human heart is fickle and foolish, even perverse in it’s longing for what fails to satisfy. Jesus continues the teaching. Riches are not a sign of God's blessing. They are a sign of our greater responsibility, especially to the poor. St. Gaspar concludes that we do not come to Jesus, or to religious life, for our own desires or opinion, but to nourish the real life of the soul and seek the Glory of God. His passage above written from prison, is a great comfort to the fickle and perverse human heart that struggles with attachments to temporal things. God will open a way through that choppy sea and provide the protection needed if one but hopes in the Lord.

• On what do I have my heart set?
• What have I done for Lazarus this week?
• Describe your "road that leads to heaven."
• Look back to Thursday after Ash Wednesday and reflect
on how or if the Lord has changed your mind.

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How might God feel?

...both at how the Iraqi people have been treated by their leadership,

and at how we have been compelled to reply...?


add your own....

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Happy Feast Day

Some people are instrumental in a vocation. Sr. Mary Joseph, OP literally and figuratively twisted my arm. Once I admitted that I had thought of a vocation to the priesthood, she gave me no rest until I gave it another try. She was the principal of the School, I was the music Director. This year she celebrates her Golden Jubillee. Ad Multos Annos.

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The Feast of St. Joseph

The Readings
2 Sam 7:4 5,12 14,16 I will be a father to him, and he a son to me, the throne of David will endure forever.
Psalm 89 The Son of David will live forever
Rom 4:13,16 18, 22 Abraham believed and became the father of many nations.
Matt 1:16, 18 21, 24 Joseph awoke from the dream and did as the angel of the Lord commanded him.

St. Gaspar
As for me, I am cheerful, tranquil and content, only because I am doing the will of God. I proclaim that I want to live and die with total abandonment to him.

I adore the will of God

Likewise I would like you to be assured of the will of God in regard to your vocation. Excessive fear causes agitation too, as one can readily imagine. Oh, my beloved friend, why become anxious as long as we are in the hands of God? Is he not a most loving Father? Does he not take care of us? Does he not dispose all things for our own good? He used Moses to humiliate Pharaoh and, in general, infirma eligit, ut fortia quaeque confundat. When we use the 24 hours of the day for God, in the mystical bed of his will, we have done everything. This does not deny, however, the necessity of prayer and faith in God.

But how is Jesus to be imitated? Look at him for just a short while. As an example to us, he is obedient to Joseph and to Mary and lives in the humblest of homes. He is employed in manual labor, shows himself to be a model of silence and is withdrawn from the world, a benefactor to all." ...Seek, then, to be of service to the Society and respect the will of the Creator in his creatures. No task is menial if it tends to glorify the Almighty. On the contrary, your work is similar to that of Jesus Christ who aided his foster father, St. Joseph. Purity of intention alone is necessary for you to properly regulate your interior and exterior actions. Realize, too, that a hidden and humble life is a special shield against vanity and human glory.

I give thanks to God for the concern that you nourish in promoting the glories of the Divine Blood and I hope that abundant blessings will be your reward. Our Father Amici is putting the final touches on the little work on St. Joseph to be printed after having gathered together a good number of supporters, the printing will be undertaken. This great saint is the special protector of our death. People are interested in this devotion.

St. Joseph was a just man. He was faithful to the laws and customs, the ways of Israel. And yet he was also faithful to dreams, hopes and a vision of what God desires. More than being the patron of the Church, he is the patron of the hidden doing of God's will. In the silence of his sleep, we hear and see nothing. In his dreams he sees everything.

Imagine what his anxious moments must have been like. He desired to do what was right and just, but he also desired to do what was fair for Mary. Gaspar would have us look at our own anxious moments and know that just as Joseph was in the hands of God, so are we. Gaspar would encourage us to seek God's will with the same energy and devotion as Joseph.

Joseph challenges us to love the will of God and to trust the will of God with the same tangible faith. This faith would get us up from our sleep to follow a dream of God's way without fear or anxiousness.

• How do I show I love the will of God?
• What dreams have I failed to follow?
• In what ways could I follow God's will even as it goes against social values of my time?
• What makes me anxious?

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Together with thousands of folks around the world, I'm putting a light in my window. Click on the picture for more information.

I am with the Holy Father on this one. Saddam must disarm. President Bush must give evidence that we are at imminent risk, the response must not be disproportionate to the risk, and innocent children should not be placed in harm’s way.

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