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A journal dedicated to the life and mission of St. Gaspar del Bufalo, and to a life lived in response to the call and the cry of the Most Precious Blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our on-going mission is to share good news of hope and communion.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003
on the advent of war

Principal emotion: Sadness
Active response: Prayer
Added to Lenten Reading Material:
Pacem in Terris

posted by Fr. Jeffrey Keyes, C.PP.S. on 12:26 PM link
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An International Morning

I cannot see the email addresses of people who visit here, but I can see the domain name of their address. In the first fifteen visitors to this blog this morning the Domain names have indicated that the visitors were from New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, and Spain. That covers a wide expanse of the globe. Welcome, Bienvenidos. If you have not already done so, please mark the guest map.

I also want to welcome all the visitors from These are people who probably get to hear my homilies on Sunday evenings, or the Chant on Sunday mornings. Welcome, especially to the candidates who are being recieved into the Church at Easter.

The majority of visitors still seem to come from California, but the Eastern group is growing too. I even have a few "dot gov" domain names going by include one that looks like it come from the judiciary. I intend to enjoy this kind of diversity, and invite you all to join in the conversation.

Update: Switzerland stopped by this morning too.

posted by Fr. Jeffrey Keyes, C.PP.S. on 11:07 AM link
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