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Saturday, January 11, 2003
Chant Returns

I am looking forward to the beginning of the chant choir for the winter quarter at the University of Chicago. We will be singing every Sunday at Bond Chapel. Here is this Sunday's music: Most of the Music is from the Graduale Simplex. When it is sung in English the music is taken from By Flowing Waters (BFW) which is essentially the Graduale Simplex in English. BFW uses the New Revised Standard Version for the psalms but it is very easy to substitute the grail text which have have done for some of the music this weekend.

Sollemnitas, In Baptismate Domino

Solemnity, The Baptism of the Lord

Introit: With The Spirit of the Lord, with Psalm 19 (BFW 493)
Sprinkling Rite, Asperges Me Liber Cantualis 28 A
Gloria VIII
Psalmody, Canticle of Isaiah (Is 12) (BFW 136)
Alleluia VIII, (tone 6)
Preparation of the Table, Ecce dedi te, Graduale Simplex 254
Sanctus XVIII
Mysterium Fidei
Agnus Dei XVIII
Communion: Mozarabic Alleluia, Graduale Simplex, 454
Hymn: Songs of Thankfulness and Praise

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New Bishop

Even though I live in Chicago I still enjoy the faculties of the Diocese of Oakland. Our Provincial Center is there and I regularly minister there as the Priest for Retrouvaille of Oakland. Yesterday it was announced that Bishop Vigneron will become Coadjutor to Bishop Cummins of Oakland. I was very impressed with this statement of his and look forward to meeting him.


The Most Reverend Allen H. Vigneron
Coadjutor Bishop of Oakland
January 10, 2003

Praised be Jesus Christ. Now and forever.

Since the Apostolic Nuncio informed me just a few days ago of my appointment as Bishop Cummins' coadjutor, I have been greatly anticipating this first opportunity to greet the faithful of the Diocese of Oakland, as well as the members of the civic community.

I am Bishop Allen Vigneron, a son of the Church in Detroit, and profoundly happy that our Holy Father Pope John Paul II has missioned me here to the Church in Oakland in order to witness to Christ crucified and risen and to be an instrument of communion in Him through His Church.

It seems right to me to begin with this confession of my faith, because that is precisely what my coming to Oakland is about - about building upon the ministry of Bishop Cummins and Bishop Begin before him, to strengthen the Catholic Faith here and to help it grow.

My "part" at this time is to serve as Bishop John Cummins' coadjutor, to be for a while his principal co-worker and eventually - when the time is right - to succeed him in shepherding this local Church. I want particularly to use this time to become well acquainted with the life of the Church in Oakland. I have a lot to learn, and since learning has always brought me great satisfaction, I believe that these next few months of my life will be satisfying indeed.

I have already begun to study the materials about the Diocese of Oakland that were available to me. I was, not surprisingly, immediately struck by its ethnic and cultural diversity. I recognize this as a manifestation of the richness of the goodness of Christ, which is too grand for one simple line of expression, but must be proclaimed symphonically. A second profile of the diocese that caught my attention was the centrality of education: so many grade schools, high schools, colleges, theological schools, graduate schools! A third insight I've already gained about the Oakland Diocese comes as a sort of inference from these two and from other evidence as well: that from the very beginning, from the foundation of the Mission San Jose, the faithful must have sacrificed much to build up this Church and that God has been pleased with this gift and caused it to yield abundant fruit.

One of the ways the Church formulates her belief about the relation of a Bishop to his diocese is by comparing it to a marriage. The Bishop is the sacramental presence of Christ, the Bridegroom of his Church. That means that in the days and months and years ahead, God - who has brought me here - will call me inexorably to spend myself in love for this Church. As I pledged to the Holy Father in my letter of acceptance, "I will love the Church in Oakland with all my heart and soul, and I will spend myself in building up the communion of faith, hope and charity that is our life in Christ's Holy Catholic Church." Whatever I have of good, of virtue or wisdom or talent of energy is hers from this day forward.

I am profoundly grateful to Pope John Paul II for his confidence in men in sending me here to serve as bishop. Likewise I want to thank publicly Bishop Cummins for his warm and fraternal welcome, which began with his first words of congratulations on the day he learned of my coming.

As you know, I come from the Archdiocese of Detroit, and in the first half of the twentieth century we were blessed there with the presence of a holy Capuchin friar, Father Solanus Casey, who had as one of his mottos, "Thank God ahead of time." In the spirit of that Franciscan wisdom I want to draw these remarks to a close by thanking ahead of time the Almighty Father who has in store for me here great gifts and graces far beyond what I deserve.

I also want to thank ahead of time all the priests and deacons, the religious and lay faithful of my new diocese, my new home. And here I need particularly to single out the priests, who will be my closest co-workers in strengthening the faithful in their mission as leaven and light for this corner of God's world. To all of you, clergy and faithful, I acknowledge that from today on our salvation, our eternal destiny in Christ is inextricably linked. I thank you with all my heart for the gift of yourselves to the Lord, that will be expressed in your love for me as your shepherd. Thank you for letting me serve and care for you.

Since I was a little boy I have only ever wanted to be a priest. Praise God who, in his goodness, has called me to live out that vocation in your midst.

God is good! All the time!

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