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A journal dedicated to the life and mission of St. Gaspar del Bufalo, and to a life lived in response to the call and the cry of the Most Precious Blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our on-going mission is to share good news of hope and communion.

Friday, October 25, 2002

Ok, I am not a bishop. And I certainly do not have a desire to be one. Can anyone sane really desire to belong to the current crop? Ok I know a few good ones, and I have a great deal of respect for the one who ordained me. I know everyone in this list is a bishop except me. It is just that I love the laying on of hands. I love the connection to the apostles. I love the gift. That is what it is: pure gift.

Bishop Scipione Rebiba was ordained a bishop in 1541, the records do not reveal by whom.
Cardinal Rebiba ordained Bishop Guilio Antonio Santoro in 1566
Cardinal Santoro ordained Bishop Girolamo Bernerio, OP, in 1586
Cardinal Bernerio ordained Bishop Galeazzo Sanvitale in 1604
Bishop Sanvitale ordained Bishop Lodovico Ludovisi 1621
Cardinal Ludovisi ordained Bishop Luigi Caetani in 1622
Cardinal Caetani ordained Bishop Ulderico Carpegna in 1630
Cardinal Carpegna ordained Bishop Paluzzi Abertoni Altieri in 1666
Bp. Altieri ordained Bishop Pietro Francesco Orsini in 1675
Orsini became Pope Benedict XIII in 1724
Benedict XIII ordained Bishop Prospero Lorenzo Lambertini in 1728
Lambertini became Pope Benedict XIV in 1740
Benedict XIV ordained Bishop Carlo della Torre Rezzonico in 1743
Rezzonico became Pope Clement XIII in 1758
Clement XIII ordained Bishop Colonna in 1762
Colonna ordained Bishop Gerdil in 1777
Gerdil ordained Bishop della Somaglia in 1788
Cardinal Della Somaglia ordained Gaspare del Bufalo a deacon in 1808
Della Somaglia also ordained as Bishop, Gaspare's friend, Bishop Odescalchi in 1823
Odescalchi ordained Bishop Patrizi in 1828
Patrizzi ordained Bishop Parocchi in 1871
Cardinal Parocchi ordained Bishop Guiseppe Sarto in 1884
Sarto became Pope (St.) Pius X in 1903
Pius X ordained Bishop Giacamo Della Chiesa in 1907
della Chiesa became Pope Benedict XV in 1914
Benedict XV ordained Bishop Eugenio Pacelli in 1917
Bishop Pacelli became Pope Pius XII in 1939,
Pius XII ordained Bishop Francis Spellman in 1932
Cardinal Spellman ordained Bishop McIntyre in 1941
Cardinal McIntyre ordained Bishop Alden Bell in 1956
Bishop Bell ordained Bishop John Cummins in 1974

Bishop Cummins ordained Fr. Jeffrey Keyes, CPPS to the Priesthood, October 26, 1991

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Remarkable Day

Any day has its own grace. I remember the old Spiritan refrain of “do not neglect the grace that this day gives” that apparently comes from their founder Ven. Francis Libermann.

Anyway today was a grace-filled day. The morning was filled with paying bills and finishing financial reports, never my favorite activities, but passed easily and in peace. Then off to downtown to accomplish a few errands.

In the midst of this I arranged to have lunch with Tom Abbott who has his own
blog. Because I enjoy reading his blog, and because he occasionally posts in the conversations here, and finding out we work in the same city I suggested lunch. One of the graces of this ministry is that I get to meet and share faith with people all over this country and all over this world. Occasionally you meet people who simply by speaking their hopes and dreams express everything that is meant by the word “faithful.” All right, he is rooting for the Angels (the ones in Baseball uniforms). But I was not surprised by that, and everything else was the height of graciousness. Yes, a day filled with grace. I won’t tell you anything more about him but invite you to witness his blog from time to time.

Later I finished my errands and rushed back to the House of Formation for a meeting with one of the seminarians. That was finished in relative peacefulness and soon after the whole house gathered for Evening prayer.

This being Friday, there was no regular cook so I betook myself to the kitchen and heated up some leftover vegetarian Minestrone, made a salad. That with a glass of chardonnay finished off a simple meal along with conversation with some of the seminarians over the contents of the day’s newspapers.

Now I am doing laundry and finishing paying bills there being no World Series game to distract me tonight. Then I have to pack.

Tomorrow is a retreat day. I will spend it alone, in car driving to Celina, OH. I am sort of looking forward to it, just a day to be silent, to reflect on the wonder and mystery of the last eleven years. I plan to take along “Gift and Mystery” by John Paul II. It is a book I have in print as well as on CD. In the early morning I will celebrate the Eucharist with the men in the house of formation, and then get on the road.

As I think about today: grace.

Tomorrow: grace and mystery. My ordination to the priesthood, through the laying on of hands, by Bishop John Cummins of the Diocese of Oakland, at St Augustine Church, Oakland, CA, October 26, 1991.

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This almost caused me to choke on my morning coffee. It has been a curious thing, being a transplant to Chicago, seeing the local press experience my home state. I was born and raised in Hayward, CA, in the shadow of San Francisco. I lived in the City for a time in Graduate School. I have lived in Fremont, Newark, San Leandro, Oakland, Berkeley, and Menlo Park, all in the shadow of San Francisco. I have lived in Houston, TX, and in Peoria, IL, and Glenwood Springs, CO. One year I spent the summer in Europe. I have spent longer than a week in the following countries, France, Austria, Poland, Italy, Israel, Egypt, Ireland and Canada.

Yes, we all have our uniqueness, cultural identity, and local customs, but deep down inside we are fundamentally one people. Our hopes and dreams and deepest desires come from the same place.

One of the more significant experiences of my life was a week I spent in Taize, France. One day I heard confessions for 10 hours with only one 40 minute break. The young people who came to me, came only because they saw this sign over my head that said "English." The young people who came to me were from America, Ireland, England, Portugal, Italy, Romania, The Netherlands, Belgium, Nigeria, Zaire and the Phillipines. Some of the most interesting were the Polish kids who did not want to go to their Polish priest so they did their best in broken English with a Polish/English Dictionary in one hand. I was overwhelming impressed with their devotion, but also struck by how every thing sounded pretty much the same, no matter which country they came from. The hopes and desires and dreams of every people find a welcome in the Body of Christ.

By the way, where is Frisco? I have never been there. (grin)

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